Field Trip to Antarctica

Last Friday our class along with their imaginations passed through the front door of our classroom to board a flight to Australia. The flight was unusually short. We headed  quickly to a hanger to grab the proper clothing and supplies we would need for our trip to Antarctica.  We grabbed our luggage and loaded onto a United States Air Force plane for the five hour flight to our final  destination, Antarctica.

After we arrived, we immediately were sent to a mandatory training for visitors.  It’s important to learn how to be safe in Antarctica. The weather can be very harsh, in fact when we arrived the temperature was a -65°F with blue sky.  We learned that our sleeping bags, tents and supplies needed to be anchored to the ice to keep safe  during the fierce winds that can show up on the spot.  Another valuable lesson we learned was to always remember that we were on ice and underneath the ice was a very cold ocean.  We learned how to drill into the ice to check its depth.  The thickness of ice can vary  and sometimes it can get cracks and start to break apart.

04Ant-5 Kay E. Gilmour, MD via Compfight Kay E. Gilmour, MD via Compfight

Finally we set out to explore Antarctica and here is what we learned on our adventure:

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04Ant-53 Kay E. Gilmour, MD via Compfight


The Final 8

Excitement for poetry is growing in our classroom. The tournament is  down to the final 8 poems. By the end of this week we will be down to the final 4 poems.  The vote count for several of the poems last week were within just a couple of votes.  Who do you think will win? Check out the bracket to see which poems are still in the tournament.

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Fluency & Poetry…. The Perfect Match

Over the past two weeks students have enjoyed reading poems with partners. This activity is fun, but also a critical part of reaching the ultimate goal, comprehension. Oral reading fluency is like a bridge that goes from recognizing words to comprehending. Fluency focuses on speed, accuracy, and expression. We use partner reading as one way to increase fluency. Enjoy listening to our poems.  Poems 1-6    We welcome your thoughts and comments.

Which poem did you enjoy most?

Do you have an all time favorite poem?

Do you enjoy reading poetry?

March Madness Week 2

March Madness is off and running! Last week we read the first six poems of our sixteen poem tournament. Check out our winners from last week.[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

 Poetry is a literary art that has been around for a long time. Last week two of the  poems we read were written in the 1800’s. With each new poem students are being introduced to the unique way poets choose words.  In poetry sound and meaning of words are combined to express feelings, thoughts and ideas.  This week students will be exploring the elements of poetry.



March Madness 2016 Poetry Tournament


Every March college basketball teams hold a big tournament.  This action packed tournament is nicknamed “March Madness” 

This week we have started our own version of  March Madness, but instead of a tournament for basketball teams, ours is a tournament for poetry. The tournament starts with 16 poems. Every day the teacher reads two poems to their students. Each student then votes for their favorite poem. The votes are tallied with the winning poem moving on to the next round of 8 poems, then 4, then the final two compete for the championship. 

To make it more exciting this year we’ve invited other classes at school to participate in the tournament. You can participate too! Each week students from our class will record the poems for others to hear.  Once you have listened to the poems choose your favorite from the poll!  Check out a poem we learned in class by clicking here :  Reading Promise

Pixelated Joe

Pixelated  Joe – A Video Game

By: Caden

Joe was walking along the sidewalk one day when he bumped into a question mark box.He punched it and out popped a question. It asked, “What is 7+59-24 and add 122?” and Joe said, “164.” Then the question mark box popped out a…

                                     To Be Continued



By Garrett


One day Pac-Man was chasing ghosts when he noticed something in the distance. He got closer when he realized it was a Derp-Transformer! He didn’t want to touch it but the ghosts bumped into him and he touched it! From that moment on he wasn’t Pac-Man, he was Pac-Derp!